Directors & Staff

The current Board of Directors consists of the following, in no particular order:

Directors Past & Present

The original signatories of the Memorandum and Articles of Association were:
George Graham, Christine Doherty, Sean Nelson, Patrick Kerr, Moore Blair, Hilda Stewart, Christine Keenan, Sheldon Murray, Brian McGookin, Jim McNally and Joe McErlean.

Since then the following have also served on the Board (not in any particular order):
Selbert Rainey, Linda Houston, Ronnie Pedlow, Helen Roddy, Peter Boyle, Frank Hurrell, Sheelagh Hillan, Una McKillop, Mary O’Kane, Brigitte McCullagh, Brendan McGurgan, Danny Lambe, Ivor McKinney, Eileen Ingram, Hazel Cameron, Sinead McLarnon, Breda Mulvenna, William Allen, Noel McMullan, Mary McKee, Paul Getty, Eileen Warwick, Donovan McClelland, Bill Clinton.


The staff at ARCHES currently includes Elisha Devlin (Community Development Officer), Hannah Moloney (Senior Administrator), Sinéad McIvor (Admin Assistant), Owen McClurkin (Office Support Assistant) Ergnat McLaughlin (Caretaker), Ann McGuinness (Project Officer), and Mary Robb (Cleaner).
The staff team at various times has included Maria Campbell, Vicky Brown, David Boyle,  Nicola Ledamun, Hazel Cameron, Sarah Bell, Kim Forsythe and Margaret McGuckien. The Board of Directors greatly appreciates their work and dedication in their various capacities over the years.