Digital Photography

Arches Digital Photography 6 Week Course

Week 1/2

  • How to take photos with/ without a tripod and using the shutter button half way down
  • View photos on Camera and importance of deleting
  • Upload photos to a PC from cable/card reader
  • Save photos to a PC
  • Save photos to a USB stick
  • Use the Macro setting and view photos on computer
  • Do Macro homework

Week 2/3

  • Tour of Picasa with hand-out
  • Use Picasa to edit/enhance photos
  • Edit homework’s

Week 3/4

  • Learning the rules ‘Composition’ Lines and Rule of Thirds
  • Using camera Filters for effects
  • Trip out to take photos (using rules, macro and filters)

Week 4/5

  • Use Picasa to edit and enhance photos from trip

Week 5/6

  • Cover tricks with a point and shoot camera
  • Photography tips hand-out


Contact ARCHES office for more information and for registration on 028 9447 8471 or