Randalstown Community Health Fair

🌟 Randalstown Community Health Fair 🌟
📍 Randalstown Arches Association Community Hall
Join us for an action-packed Health Fair Week, where we’ve got something for everyone! Here’s what’s in store:
🧩 Autism Evening (Monday 18th September): Learn, share, and embrace autism awareness with informative sessions and inspiring stories.
❤️ Healthy Heart Day (Tuesday 19th September): Discover tips for a healthier heart and gain insights into cardiovascular well-being.
🧘‍♂️ Tai Chi Demo (Wednesday 20th September): Experience the calming power of Tai Chi and learn its benefits for both body and mind.
🚹 Men’s Health Evening (Wednesday 20th September): Men, it’s your night! Get the latest on men’s health, fitness, and nutrition.
🧠 Mental Health Evening (Thursday 21st September): Prioritize mental wellness with discussions, resources, and self-care strategies.
☕ Macmillan Coffee Morning (Friday 22nd September): Support a great cause and enjoy delicious treats at our Macmillan Coffee Morning.
🚺 Women’s Health Morning (Saturday 23rd September): Ladies, it’s your turn! Explore women’s health topics, from wellness to fitness.
Don’t miss out on this week of health, support, and community.
Mark your calendars, spread the word, bring your friends and join us for a week of growth, connection, and well-being! 💪🌈 #HealthFairWeek #WellnessTogether
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