The original signatories of the Memorandum and Articles of Association were:

George Graham, Christine Doherty, Sean Nelson, Patrick Kerr, Moore Blair, Hilda Stewart, Christine Keenan, Sheldon Murray, Brian McGookin, Jim McNally and Joe McErlean.


The current Board of Directors consists of the following, in no particular order:

George Graham (Chairperson), William Allen (Treasurer), Eileen Ingram (Secretary), Brian McGookin, Moore Blair, Sheelagh Hillan, Helen Boyd, Martin Hackett, Peter Boyle, Liam Hurrell and Oonagh Heatley.

The staff at ARCHES currently includes Hannah Moloney (Operations Manager), Sinéad Morren (Training & Media Administrator), Peggy Mulholland (Community Development Administrator), Owen McClurkin (Office Support Assistant), Ergnat McLaughlin (Caretaker) and Mary Robb (Cleaner).