The Heritage Tales project, funded by Heritage Lottery, was undertaken in early 2021 by Tidy Randalstown with assistance from Randalstown Historical Society and Randalstown Arches. Bronze plaques situated at 15 points around the town give a brief introduction to local stories of historical interest, while QR codes positioned next to the plaques take people to the more detailed information contained on these Heritage Tales web pages.

The plaques complement and add to the existing Heritage Trail, represented by the numerous large interpretive signs (see photo) that can be seen around the town, affording visitors, schoolchildren and residents yet more opportunities to appreciate the town’s history and heritage and learn about some of the people, famous and infamous, who have lived here.

The stories told on these web pages come from the local people and also draw on Randalstown Historical Society’s publications; Old Randalstown, Old Randalstown and District, Randalstown Snippets, and Making Sense of the Census. The photographs, unless otherwise stated, have previously been used by permission in the Historical Society’s publications.

The Heritage Tales project contributes to Tidy Randalstown’s vision of improving the environment, preserving our heritage and building community. It will also, hopefully, make for an even more enjoyable and informative walk around Randalstown. So, lace up your comfortable shoes and follow the Heritage Tales on the Heritage Trail!